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InfoKiosk II saves your time and provides service, tourist, cultural, entertaining, health and other information and services. InfoKiosk II has a variety of applications. It can be set up at highly frequented places such as: institutions, administrative bodies, hospitals, schools, reception desks at companies, bus and railway stations, airports, telecommunication and internet providers, fairs, congress centres halls, hotels, travel agencies, banks, post offices, cinemas, theatres...

Apart from finding relevant information, InfoKiosk II can be used to send SMS, e-mails. One important function of Info kiosk is that it enables advertising of services. Kiosks, set up at public places introduce new dimension of advertising, sublimating the best characteristics of indoor and outdoor media, direct mailing, printed and internet advertisements. Such type of advertising proves to be effective and profitable making your advertisement noticable at its best.

Touch Screen Technology is the basis of the device being introduced By the end of August 2003, our development department completed the process of projecting, designing and constructing of the device called Infokiosk II, based on touch screen technology.
The device was introduced at the fair Comexpo 2003, in Belgrade, and it had a primarily informative dimension. However, adding periferals to it can provide a variety of performances.

Options related to dimensions, colour and shapes are also available. Infokiosk II could be used as follows:

In Restaurants: to show table arrangements enabling you to make reservation. Infokiosk will give you information on menu, special offers, prices, possibilities to organize banquets and celebrations. In photo stores: by adding the media and card reader devices, interface for connecting to minilaboratory for developing photos, a user can copy photos, order a certain number of photos and choose the format and wait for the photos to be developed in the shortest possible time. By use of software intended to manipulate the photos (light, contrast, saturation, cropping...), the user could even be able to influence the quality of the photos on the spot.

On Buses: it is possible to design the device with the size of a smaller laptop used for selling and printing the fares on the buses. In hotels: the hotel plan, facilities and services, photos of suits and rooms, tourist information, pricelists, information on excursions and other programs offered by the hotel. In cinemas: it is possible to present information on the time of showings, forthcoming opening nights, information on cast, reservation of tickets, the cinema plan, information on festivals and actors...

Banks, Post Offices, Travel and Insurance Agencies: to give information on desk arrangement, floors, navigations, procedures, information on accounts, list of services, special offers, special actions, discounts...This is already recognized within the standard bank machine, now making it possible to shape the terminal according to the user's needs. Industrial, techical and technological processes: to enable easy, fast and precise access to information related to any segment of production process. Infokiosks are possible to be set up at accessable places, and connected with intranet and contolled by server and system operator. Adding privileges and levels of access and use towards users are also available. Administrative and trade administrative buildings: This segment gives completely new dimension to obtaining information. This will enable the easest and fastest access to information by saving time and resources.

Bus Stations, Railway Stations, Metro, Taxi Stations, Airports, Petrol Stations: all information related to destinations, departure time, arrival time, reservations, delays, navigations, arrangement and plan of the buildings is now avaliable simply by touching the screen. It is also possible to do transactions, reservations, paying... In halls of hospitals and other medical institutions: patients and visitors can get information on locations, working hours, staff and doctors on duties, services. It is possible to get results of analysis, important information, make appointments... Special aspect of such use is to avoid contact between the ill (virulent patients) and technical staff, as well as improvement of level of services for the persons with special needs (persons with problems related to speech or hearing...)

Schools and Other Educational Institutions: One of child's primary and earlier instincts is the need to touch. Place them in front of Touch Screen and you will see what their reaction will be. Magical touch can help children to learn. Later, the use in the process of learning can be manifold: ranging from information on class schedule, school and out- of- school activities, entertaining and sport activities, taking exams, getting the results of exams... Funny, easy, friendly, simple...Ideal for special needs. Simple drag and drop games, learning through games and creation, help for authistic children and persons with reduced attention and other difficulties that prevent normal learning.





InfoKioskII TechSpecs

Touch Keypad MicroSD Card Slot